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New Music – Pure Truth DJ Cee Munee – Da L Town Mixtape Compilation

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#PureTruth, Pure Truth, #PureTruthLLC, Pure Truth LLC, #CeeMunee, Cee Munee, #Florida, Flordia, #djs, djsPure Truth LLC Tuesday January 17, 2018 Pure Truth DJ Cee Munee has released his twenty-two (22) single mixtape, Da L-Town Mixtape Compilation.  Leegit, Murda, YBEG4, Big Lew and Polk County Slim are some of the Florida based artists who can be heard on the project.


To listen: http://puretruthllc.com/songs/pure-truth-dj-cee-munee-l-town-mixtape-compilation/

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