Exclusive-WAKA FLOCKA released his single Workin


On Tuesday August 18, 2015, Wocka Flaka held a conference call to discuss the release of his single Workin.  The single has received rave reviews.  The WAKA advised his album Flockaveli 2 would be released before the Christmas holiday.

Waka Flocka believes it is now time for street music to control the clubs.  He describes himself as a risk taker who wants the world to know a “Street Rapper” can do anything.  Waka just signed a deal with Atlantic after being an independent artist for many years.  For the past three (3) to four (4) years, Waka has not received any radio play.

Flocka will continue to put our mixtapes, tour and drop hot new music.

For additional information go to Access Unlocked Magazine:  http://accessunlocked.com/artist-atmosphere-exclusive-waka-flock-drops-hot-new-single-workin/


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