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Music Executive Phil Gates speaks about Big Kap the man, friend and business partner

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Big Kap was a legend and this week marks the one (1) month anniversary of his death.  On February 26th, he would have been his forty-six (46) years-old.

Access Unlocked is pleased to have had the opportunity to sit down and discuss the loss of the legendary Big Kap, with his close friend, co-manager and executive of PG WorldWide Media, Phil Gates.

Big Kap

                                              The legend: Big Kap

AU: What do you believe, Big Kap meant to the music industry?

PG:  He was something that you do not find often in the music industry and that is honesty and respect.  He was a brand builder, a teacher, trying to help others find their way and he was

also, very pivotal as a A&R person, knowing the music.

People always complain about how “wack” the Grammys are, but this time they go something right, when they acknowledge Big Kap.

He was a stand up guy in a sit down business.

AU: How would you describe Big Kap as a person and business man?

PG:  As a person, Big Kap was always very cool and laid back, he never got frustrated.

When it came to business, he just lived life and never worried about the business.  Within the last year, he began to pay more attention to

Phil Gates

                                          Phil Gates

the business.

AU: What do you miss most, about your friend?

PG:  We had some great laughs, road trips and fun, so ultimately, I just missed him.  We were one in the same, from our taste in women, clothes and food.  

Big Kap was also a great teacher. 

AU: Mr. Gates how do you plan on keeping Big Kap’s legacy alive? 

PG:  Keeping his energy and name alive is very important to me.

In Atlanta, Big Kap was always a guest teacher at a deejay school and I plan on being very instrumental in creating a program around his name.

Kap and I, always spoke about and worked on, expanding the brand of others and that will continue to be on top of my to do list.  


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