Eminem new song disses Trump and David Duke ex KKK member has something to say about it

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Pure Truth LLC Wednesday October 19, 2016 Superstar Eminem is no stranger to controversy and his new freestyle “Campaign,” if full of it.  What has raised the eyebrows of many, is what the artist had to say about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

At approximate three minutes and twenty-two (3:22) seconds into freestyle the hip hop superstar had the following to say, Run the facet I am going to dunk a bunch of Donald Trump supporters under water.

Fast forward to three minutes and forty-four (3:44) seconds, the songwriter and record producer flows with, “You say Trump don’t kiss a** like a puppet, but he run his own campaign for the funding and that is what you wanted a loss cannon,with his hand on the button, that does not have to answer to no one.”

Former Klu Klux Klan Imperial Grand Wizard David Duke fired back on Twitter with the following regarding the freestyle “Eminem is a puppet of Paul Rosenberg and Jimmy Iovine, For years Eminem has been poisoning the minds of our youth. #rigged.”


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