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50 Cent arrested in St. Kitts

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Pure Truth LLC Monday June 27, 2016 – While performing in St. Kitts over the weekend, superstar rapper 50 Cent was arrested for “indecent language.” There is no cussing on the island and during his performance, 50 dropped the MF bomb and was hauled off. He was taken to jail on[…]

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Kanye West announces 40 city tour

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Pure Truth LLC Wednesday June 15, 2016 – On Saturday June 19, 2016, tickets will go on sale for Kanye’s forty (40) city “Saint Pablo” tour, which is set to kick off in August. The tour will cover cities in United States and Canada.  Some of the cities listed in[…]

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During a performing Adele say “Suck My D—“

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Pure Truth LLC Saturday June 11, 2016 – Adele was not too happy with music producer Tony Visconti’s critique of her voice.  Visconiti stated,”it’s questionable if that is actually her voice or how much has been manipulated.” The singer fired back during her performance, with the following words, “Some d***head tried[…]

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