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Pure Truth LLC Music Movement interview with, New Jack Nino

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New Jack Nino is a hip hop artist out of Cleveland, Ohio who has recently released his single Squad Times.  The single was produced by Chicago’s DoeBoyOnDaTrack with features from Frenchie and Just Rich Gates.

PT:  Why the name Squad Ties for your single?

NJN:  Squad Ties came about, due to my affiliation with Brick Squad.  We have history, therefore the title was fitting.

PT:  How did your surrounding, influence you to get into the music industry?

NJN:  I grew up in a foster home, therefore I did not have parents around me to push me towards basketball or football, all I had was the streets.  The streets pushed me into the music.

I would listen to the radio and hear artists rap about their lives, and I knew my life experiences were just as interesting and sometimes better.

PT:  How would you describe your style?

NJN:  I refer to my style, as cool hip hop.

I am more than a gangsta rapper and I do not just stick to gangsta rap.  I use gangsta rap as a plateau, to transition into the next level of music.

PT: What are some of your musical goals?

One of my goals, is to create music that will influence and change people’s lives for the better.

Everyone is into melodies and good hooks, I will continue to continue to make good music.

PT:  Have you done any touring?

NJN:  In 2013, I did an eight (8) city tour with the Ohio Hip Hop Awards, covering the entire state.

Recently, I had the opportunity to go on tour with Fetty Wap.  However, I did not perform, I did learn a lot from him as far as how to maneuver and navigate on tour.New Jack Nino, Squad Ties, Frenchie, Pure Truth LLC

PT: What other projects do you have coming out?

NJN:  I will continue to release singles.  I working with Profit out of PA, DoeBoyOnDaTrack from Chicago, Lex Luga from Atlanta 808 Mafia

Website:  www.newjacknino.com

Social media:  NewJackNino216


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