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Vain is a well-known New York Hip Hop artist who is known for his lyrical skill, outstanding world play and hot stage presence.  His talent stems from his parents; his mother a singer and dad a drummer.

His mother encouraged him to jump into the entertainment arena, by making him perform at several type of events at an early age.   Once in high school he began timageo produce and write his own music.

Vain has worked with several major artists, such as but not limited to Jim Jones on his song Showoff, Break Up to Make Up with Lil Mo and I Love It with DJ Jazzy Joyce.

His first album dropped in 2006.

Question:  How did you decide upon the name Vain? 

Answer:  Originally my name was V.A which meant Verbal Assault, later I added the I.N standing for Is Nasty.  So, Vain means Verbal Assault is Nasty.

What projects do you have up?

Answer:  Right now we are really trying to break a record in the South.

Question:  You are a known public figure/celebrity in New York; do you believe it is hard for you to break out because they are already familiar with you?

Answer:  A lot of times it comes down to money.  If you don’t have a big enough bank to get that extra push, you will not get in. I have already been accepted.  My music is being played in the clubs and on the radio, when I walk through I get the shout outs, I have been featured in magazines.  I just need that extra bank to make things happen.

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