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Trump supporter sues Cardi B

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Pure Truth Wednesday September 23, 2020 A lawsuit has been filed in Suffolk County, New York against Cardi B, Hennessey Carolina the artist sister, and Michelle Diaz for defamation of character.

On September 6th, an altercation began to take place, after Carolina and her girlfriend Diaz parked blocking Manuel Alarcon’s vehicle in at the beach.

Alarcon and Pauline Calendo approached Hennessy Carolina’s vehicle with Diaz still in it, wearing MAGA hats.  Hennessey began video recording the scene, while allegedly using threatening and vulgar language.

The plaintiff believes the wearing of the MAGA hat caused the ladies to go wild.

Carolina is being accused of assault and battery for spitting while talking, doing the COVID-19 times.

Cardi B added the audio recording of the altercation to her Twitter account, which caused her to be charged with defamation.

According to Alarcon the video which they shared with their millions of followers, was edited.